A Simple Studio Apartment Makes a Great Short Term Rental

Just because a property is small doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot for it as far as making it marketable and very attractive, especially for people looking for a short term furnished rental, like those found here: SunTree Corporate Housing in Arizona,  rather than a traditional hotel. These kinds of tenants and property rentals are becoming ever more popular. We’ll be looking at some examples of turning small, non-descript apartments into attractive, highly rentable investment properties.

This is a three hundred and fifty square foot studio apartment that started as a pretty simple bare box. I wanted to create a really layered and almost curated space, that’s full of personality and tons of decorating hits. In living area I started with the bigger pieces first. This slipcover tuxedo style sofa is perfect for this space because it’s still streamline, but also quite light and airy.

I then added some additional sitting. This great rocking chair, which is a vintage piece, is a nice warm accent, as well as this linen chair. A Taft thing and a rolled arm and a kind of turned leg is a really nice play against the sofa. In the center of the sitting are, I’ve added this vintage trunk. It’s perfect as a coffee table and it’s also great storage. I also just love the beat up quality and it’s such a perfect vintage piece.

They grounded the entire space by adding this amazing rug. It’s really inexpensive and just perfect in any room because of all the texture and natural color. And then, moved over to this dresser, another giant piece for the room and maybe kind of strange in the average living room, but in a studio apartment where storage is the key, this piece is perfect because of all the amazing storage.

The surface of this large dresser is a really great spot to style and add personal objects. The homeowner can also interchange these things in different seasons and just the layering gives this room a lot of character. Because this is a rental space, I left the kitchen basically as it is, but it’s still works because the configuration is perfect and all the wood tones really add a lot of warmth.

I did add an island with a warm marble top, it’s a great place for dinning and there’s actually extra storage underneath. To unify these two spaces, I’ve created this wall of drapery that kind of really echos the wall colors as well. The look is great and it’s also just more uniform and more consistent. Because this is a tiny studio apartment, the bed area is really open to the rest of the living space.

So I needed to be decorated at the same level. I started with this great four-poster bed. It’s a big size, but the vertical height almost creates its own sense of space and a bedroom area, really. I then layered up the bedding in the same way that I decorated the rest of the space by just adding texture and color and pattern. I started with the basics, a great white day cover, white sheets and a charcoal coverlet.

I added some more personality with these pillows. These patterns are perfect and I also love how the velvet ties back to the living area as well. The next thing was adding a bit more personality on the walls. This vintage  map is perfect. I love how it’s kind of stained and rumpled and the color just kind of blends in a little bit and really relates back to what we did in the living area.

At the end of the bed I’ve added this great wood console which is perfect as a key-drop. I’ve also added a runner which really finishes off that entryway look. Because this is such a small space, the key was to create dedicated zones that don’t sacrifice function. Also, with a really cohesive color palette and the same sense of layered decorating throughout it’s proofed that you can create just as much impact and style in a small space.

Mathew Lilienthal