About Pace2010.com

Mathew LilenthalMy name is Matt Lilienthal, and Pace2010.com is my site and my ‘pet project’. You see, I started as a home painter way back in high school, making extra money during the summer helping my uncle with his business. The money was good and I liked working outside. After finishing college, I joined him again, this time for good.

The thing is, working year-round as an outdoor painter isn’t really feasible, at least not around here. So I started learning about indoor painting, and eventually doing other ‘home improvements’, both for clients and for friends and family. Eventually I realized that a lot of the ‘magic’ that I enjoyed in seeing a massive improvement in home by adding a good quality paint job could be achieved through many other approaches too. This meant that I could offer my clients (and yes, my friends and family too…), a whole bunch of new services to improve their homes.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the learning process that I’ve gone through – and continue to go through – with each new project, because no two are ever exactly the same. With that being said though, experience and repetition DO go a long way in this business, as far as getting things done faster and more correctly than when you’re figuring everything out for the first time.

And that’s what this ‘pet project’ of mine is all about. I’m here to put down in words, images and even video (hopefully some of my own videos eventually!), tips and tricks on how to do all sorts of things around the house. From painting the outside of a home to replacing a toilet or fixing a refrigerator, replacing hardwood floors or finishing off an attic of basement… I’ve done it all, and my plan is to share as much of it as possible here, so that you can benefit from it too.

I hope you’ll find my site interesting and informative. And if you have any questions about anything you find on here, don’t hesitate to get in touch by using the contact form on here.

Thanks, and good luck with all you projects!