Adding In Kitchen Appliances

Today we’re looking at all the magic we can make happen by thoroughly planning out our kitchen design on our computer before ever picking up a hammer, saw or paint brush. It allows us to try a multitude of options, get a really good sense of how things will work together and decide what we really want to spend our time and energy on. It allows you to go into kitchen design battle full of confidence!

So to begin with today, I’m going to go ahead and place our commercial range (a great suggestion we got from our friends at Columbus Appliance Masters, so thank you guys!), and I’m going to use a 48” range and click and place that as well as our cook hood.

If I select our range I’m going to use the center tool, and I can actually center that inside of this room. I’ll click and place the center and I’ll do the same thing with the cook hood, use the center and I’ll just get that off of the cook range.

Now those two items are exactly centered in the room, as long as I have my library open I’m also going to place my refrigerator and I’m just going to slide that over off to the left here in front of that window temporarily. Let’s close the 3D view and go in to a wall elevation, I’m also going to close my library.

Our elevation tool is you can take a wall elevation or cross section and it will actually show you all the layers of the floor and ceiling. With our wall elevation camera we’ll just point at the wall we want and take an elevation view, and now you can see the wall elevation pretty clearly. I’m going to place a base cabinet off to the right hand side of our cook range, and if I click on this cabinet I can resize it pretty easily, and if you double click on it you have control over all of the components in here.

The first thing that I’m going to do is mark it to have flat sides, because when I bump it to the cook range I want to make sure that the countertop doesn’t intrude in to the cook top. Let’s go ahead and change the width back to 24”, select okay and I’m going to go ahead and bump that next to the range.

cabinet stylescabinet stylescabinet stylesChoosing Cabinet Styles

Now the look I’m after for the base cabinets is to have a sea channel door and draw style. If I double click on this cabinet I can customize this cabinet in a number of ways. If I click on the front of the door and draw style first of all I can change those face items, and on the door and drawer tab here I can come in and choose the style of the door, the hardware and the same for the drawer.

Let’s go ahead and explore using the library and when you open up the library, you can use either the generic custom cabinets from Chief Architect or the manufacturer catalogs. Let’s begin with the custom catalogs from Chief Architect, I’m after the Euro-style base cabinet look so let’s go ahead and select that for our door style.

Let’s remove the hardware in this case since it’s integrated in, and let’s do the same thing for the drawer here. So back in to the library and in to the Chief Architect custom catalog, and we’ll choose that same Euro-style look, change the handle since it’s integrated. Now that I have this changed you’ll see the preview update as I make all the changes on this panel.

Mathew Lilienthal