Diagnosing a Fridge That’s Not Cooling Properly

One very common issue people have with their refrigerators when they start to notice that they’re not cooling properly is that a buildup of ice behind the fan. So today we’re going to have a look at what you can do if this occurs to you.

So with this refrigerator, the complaint was that it’s not cooling and the ice maker isn’t working (this diagnostic tip comes from the good guys at www.chicagoappliancemasters.com – when I have questions about appliance issues, these are my go-to guys). So we are going to remove this shelf, this is expandable so push that in and pull that guy out. We’re going to notice that the temperature, it’s cool at best in here, so we’re going to remove the back panel and check out the evaporator and see what the frost pattern looks like.

Okay the tools you’ll need for this repair are a common Philip’s screwdriver and a quarter inch nut driver.

Okay so we’re going to start by removing the ice maker, there’s just a Philip’s screw at the bottom and then two quarter inch screws that mount on the top of the ice maker and you can either take them completely off or just loosen them and then remove the connector. Now we just have the quarter inch bolts that hold the back of the evaporator cover on, take those off and once those are out of the way, we’ll just rotate this guy forward and move it, flip that over and we see what we should have, a nice even distribution of frost.

sealed system failureWe have just an ice ball in the upper right hand corner which indicates the sealed system failure and we’ll just recommend to replace this unit. You see, on a good refrigerator, we’ll have a nice even frost distribution on the evaporator. When you see a snowball or frost ball in any of the corners, they just, it indicates the sealed system failure and with the gauge and everything with this model. While it can be fixed, we’ll recommend it be replaced. Okay so for now we’re just going to put this unit back together and will line up the bottom of the fan with the hole, we’ll just lift up the fill tube for the ice maker and get this evaporator cover in place.

Replace our quarter inch mounting bolts and for the ice maker, just get one started and then we’ll get the hook of the back of the ice maker, we’ll plug in the connector, get the fill tube lined up and then just hook the back of the ice maker on for support and install the other mounting screws. Tighten this one up and finish with the Philip screw at the bottom, we’ll put our shelf back in. It’s got this little curve piece that goes in first in the back and then in, slide that out and we’re all back together.

Mathew Lilienthal