Expert Advice on Troubleshooting Refrigerators That Aren’t Cooling

Troubleshooting Refrigerators That Aren't Cooling 2Today we’re looking at some of the different things that can contribute to refrigerator problems at home – more specifically, you fridge not cooling the way it’s supposed to. So today we called on the expert advice of some of our very good friends at Appliance Masters in Tucson, AZ (, and they’re going to walk us through some trouble shooting steps.

You have your overload and your relay for your starting components right in here, what we are going to do is we have a little metal clip holding them on, to take that metal clip off, it hooks on the bottom, wraps around and then hooks on the top so I am going to go ahead and just check and see if I have any problems with the compressor.

Troubleshooting Refrigerators That Aren't Cooling 3So the bottom two pins are showing me about nine, ten but are still fluctuating but the top and the pin closest to me, it’s fluctuating quite a bit, settling right around five, five and a half, so we are pretty close, as far as the winding goes, I will double check them again, this one down here is right at ten. So it is pretty close, I can’t definitely say if it’s a bad compressor cause the windings are showing fairly close where they are supposed to be registering, I am going to now check for continuity on it being shorted to ground.

Alright, so no short to ground, so what we are going to do now is discuss with the customer, options and make a decision on the repair from here, alright, so what we are going to do first is get the starting components pulled back out from the inside of the unit, I am hoping that we can get them out fairly easily and the lines can flex some but you don’t want to bend them too significantly so you get the components back out and you are going to separate them, they are actually two separate pieces.

Troubleshooting Refrigerators That Aren't CoolingYou are going to reuse this piece right here, this is just basically your overload, we will start relay on this thing, you hear that, the rattle, this relay is bad so I set that aside, I’m not going to put anything back in yet, we’re going to eliminate the plug of this plug that was onto the, starting components, going to peel back these wires a little bit, the use is I’m using a universal starting component kit, it basically works on all compressors for a refrigerator, you use it to follow your directions properly to hook it up and I explain it to you how I’m hooking this one up as we go through, the kit comes with two wire knots and it comes with the starting component.

It is two black wires that are by themselves which are four, the actual power leads that we had stripped back on the unit, has a red, white and black wire that according to the package, the diagram shows exactly which ones to hook it up to, it has your compressor which is as common start, run, it tells you what color wire goes to those plugs or pens of your compressor, so I like to lay it on the floor and since this one has one pin on top and two pins on the bottom, laid out on the ground just like the way that the picture looks, it is on there so I come look and say that the background which is the farthest one from me is the white wire so I’m going to take my white wire.

Mathew Lilienthal