Fixing a Dishwasher Not Drainingor Cleaning Well

Hey folks! Today I will (hopefully!) help you fix your dishwasher. I am going to show you how to clear out your filters and check for things that might be stopping your dishwasher from draining well or draining at all.

If your dishwasher isn’t draining at all, a lot of times is because the drain pump is being stopped or blocked and this can happen from labels that come off plates, or even if a plate chips or a glass breaks and a little bit of glass gets caught in the impeller. It will stop the pump motor from moving and if you don’t take care of it yourself, you could end up calling in the professionals from Appliance Masters to help you take care of things… This is a  Whirlpool stainless steel model, it’s a bit newer than the one I discussed in a previous article.

To start, you’re going to take off the racks and although you don’t have to take out the top rack, I am going to. There is a clip on each rail , on left and right, just push it in and pull it up. This model dishwasher are great because they are very easy to clean the filters. This one you just twist and pull up. You want to check in here to see if anything is caught in the screen.

If it is, just wash it off in the sink. This filter just pulls straight up. You want to make sure all the holes are free and clean. If there’s anything stuck, wash that out too. Inside you are going to see a sensor, make sure that is clean and clear, there is nothing blocking it. Next to the sensor, you can see a hole that the water circulates through. Opposite the sensor there is another hole and this leads to the drain pump.

This is where you want to look to see if anything is clogged. You want to make sure there is nothing stuck down here. In case you are wondering, this is the that tells the dishwasher to stop filling with water. And this sprayer comes off easily, spinning this knob, just give it a little turn and it comes right off. You don’t need to take off these parts, but you can if you want to look for any problems inside.

Flick this little tabs on each side and you can get the sprayer arm off. Give this a little twist and pull it out. To remove this part, you lift up this tab of plastic a little bit and turn it counterclockwise. In here everything really should be clean, you shouldn’t see anything. This spins around and helps diffuse the water for the sprayer. Again, chances are you are not going to have any problems in here.

Then you can put everything back together and hopefully that is where you find your clog. Usually is right there, right by the drain pump hole opening or clog filters. If you still didn’t find any problem there, then you need to check your drain pump. We are not going to replace the drain pump in this article, but I will show you where it is and what to look for. You can take the cover off by taking out the left and right screws, just a half turn and then pull it out.

When you take the cover off, you can see the drain pump. Right in front of it there is this corrugated clear hose and that leads right to your garbage disposal. When your drain pump goes on, it pumps the water out through this hose and empties into your sink. And it is possible that this hose could be clogged, that the garbage disposal end or this end, you want to look and make sure there is nothing blocking it inside.

Before you mess around down here with anything electrical, you do want to turn off the power to your dishwasher. Chances are it’s hard wired, so you’ll need to go to your breaker box and flip the breaker switch. If you do want to check to see if your drain pump is blocked by a piece of glass or a sticker or something like that, but you don’t want to take your whole dishwasher out, you can disconnect this hose right here, by pinching these two metal clips together and releasing this rubber black elbow.

It will spill out water, so before you do that, try to use a sponge or towels and soak up as much water in this part as you can. That way it won’t flood out and spill out all over your floor. Inside you should be able to see the impaler. If you stick your finger and you should be able to spin it a little bit, if it’s stuck, it might be stuck with debris or something and you’ll need to take it off to clean it out. Normally this isn’t the problem, usually is just clog screens. If you are going to switch your drain pump, you need to pull out your dishwasher.

You can do this by unscrewing these two screws right up under here and to do any repairs, you can tip it on its back. Make sure you turn off the water that leads to the dishwasher under the sink. This one hooks up with a quarter turn valve. I hope this article has been somehow helpful to you. If so, please click Like, if you have any questions, go ahead and ask and I will do my best to answer. Thanks, have a awesome day!

Mathew Lilienthal