Fixing a Noisy Dryer – DIY Appliance Repair Tips

Okay, what we'll going to be doing in this article here today is we're going to be checking the rear bearing, the idler pulley and the blower wheel on this clothes dryer. And the reason we'd be doing that is we're checking for a squealing noise that's really annoying. So let's get started with today's Austin appliance repair tips from

This is a GE style washer dryer, so remove the lid. Okay, we started up by opening the door, these to screws,, we'll remove those. Okay, now next thing we want to do is we want to lift up on this in a little bit of an angle slide it sideways, there's 3 hooks in there, we want to slide it sideways and then pull it down a little bit.

Okay, now there are 2 screws back here, we want to take those out and before we do that we want to close this door up, we're going to support the front with that with that knee, and we don't want it to fall off the front bearing. We're going to support the drum, we're going tilt this forward and set the drum down and there's 2 hooks down there, we're going to have to lift this up the hooks and be careful there's a not a lot of wire here.

Okay, so this is our door switch here, we got 3 wires going up to it, we want to unplug this and then we're going to disconnect the other terminals there. We want to use needle nose so we don't rip the wire out the terminal.

The next thing we want to do is we want to check this blower wheel down here to see if it's operating  right but we got the belt connected so what we going to need to do is disconnect the belt. Now to do that you need to push the idler pulley this way to release the tension off the belt so you can get it but the space is kind of tight to get your arm in there so what I'm going to do is I'm going to remove this screw, there's a screw on top here, I'm going to take that out and then on the back of the dryer, I'm going to take out all the screws, all the way down to the bottom. I'm going to leave the bottom screw in but I'm going to loosen that.

I'm also going to loosen this screw but I'm not going to take it out, that's the very bottom screw just close so I can move this panel, so I can my arm in there. Okay now that we have this loosened up, we can get our hand in there and we can release the tension off the belt. Okay, we got the dryer belt loose, so now what we want to do now this will spin free and we can't hear any noise we're going to try to wiggle it to see if there's any play in there and there isn't any and you want to pull it back and forth too.

So there's no noise coming from this, next I want to take my finger and want to spin this idler wheel to see if I can hear any noise which I don't.

So then the last thing we want to do is we want to take look at that rear bearing. Okay, now plug this drum out, we got to spread it apart a bit here, we 're going grab it right by the belt, it's the best way to do this and just support it in the front, grab a hold of the belt and you want to pull it straight forward, pull it right out in the opening. Okay, this is the bearing on this type, it's got a little flap here that holds it on and it's a little plastic piece.

There is the maiden piece on the back of the dryer but that's feels. So this is where the problem would be in this little plastic piece here. So all you have to do is pull this little clip up, put your part on it, put the clip back in.

Now, to put this back in there, we want to get our dryer dock in place, where it align from the drum, slide it in, you need to do a little feel on around from that hole. Okay, just slide it right into the hole like that, then set your dock right back down, reach in and put it back around the idler pulley and reassemble. That's all there it is to checking the rear bearing.

Mathew Lilienthal