Kitchen Renovations – All The Way

When it comes time to renovate your kitchen, often times it’s good to really think it through and tackle a more complete job than you might initially think of. For example, if you’re going to replace the flooring, maybe you should go ahead and paint the walls and do any kind of ceiling repairs first, since you won’t sweat any issues or mistakes happening to the flooring you’re going to replace. And in the end, you’ll have a kitchen with much more ‘pop’ than if you only did one or two small things.

popcorn sprayerpopcorn sprayerOk so, the easy thing or the cool thing about using pop corn type ceiling texturing is you are going to be able to see as it’s applied, you only have about six shots at this so you have got to make sure that you get it right… think everything through before you do it, if it’s not in a corner like this, you want to go all the way around the perimeter and then gather that around, what I have done before is put a rubber band, gather the skirting around the tent, put my hand in the can, put everything inside and then gather that around so it only gets on my arm and not the carpet or furniture or anything like that.

Unfortunately this is a total kitchen remake and haven’t done anything like this before all by myself, but following some tips from Still, I am doing this first and then laying tile later on, so it’s hidden, so I am really fortunate to be doing this now. So you want to shake this for about thirty seconds or so, remember the direction is left and right of your finger so it’s gong the same way like this as your finger is so if you want the spray to go back and forth long ways then you are going to have to compensate for that because the spray will only go in the direction if you turn it like this, the spray is going to go this way rather that length wise.

So just get an idea of what to do, now about fourteen inches, I am going to spray like this and that’s about it. So I got four good squirts out of that one, let’s take a look, not bad, not bad at all. So what we are going to do is just go ahead and pull this off now, I am going to keep the thumbtacks handy because I have got to do this again. Let’s go ahead and pull this down, I know the suspense is killing you and you can see that that got on beautifully. It did get on the walls and that’s ok, this is going to be behind a refrigerator and honestly, I would go ahead and pull the thumbtacks out of here and not worry about trying to salvage and use the same thing because I have got an extra sheet so I am just going to pull the thumbtacks out of here to start this.

Now, I do have some leftover in the can and what I am going to do immediately is take this to the sink, wash this out. The reason I do this every time is, if I don’t, it’s going to harden and then I can’t use this can again. So make sure you wash out the clean out and nozzle as well cause this stuff dries pretty quick and so that’s what it’s going to take to repair a pop corn ceiling.

Mathew Lilienthal